SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Magazine: November Issue

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giacomo abrusci executive director1. Letter from the Editor. Developing Strategic Conservation Communication Goals.

Navigating the digital world may seem daunting at times, but if you know how to harness these tools effectively you can catalyze your organization’s impact.


2. Sea creatures have surfaced all over Bristol 

Wildscreen placed their one-of-a-kind photography exhibition in a trail throughout BS5, which contains the work of some of the world’s best wildlife photographers and features some of its most interesting creatures.


humpback whale by karim Iliya3. Humpback Whales for November by Karim Iliya

A large male humpback lets out an explosive plume of bubbles obscuring a mother and her calf in a quick pass in the clear waters off Tonga. 


angkor wat cambodia4. FEATURE DESTINATION: With the right itinerary Cambodia will be the trip of a lifetime.

Pack your water, sunhat, and a camera. This is one of the most marvelous places you will ever set foot in.


river dolphin cambodia5. FEATURE DESTINATION: The Irawaddy River Dolphins – More than just a tourist attraction

The Irawaddy River Dolphin is not just a tourist attraction or an additional source of income for fisherman.  The Irawaddy Dolphin is a sacred animal, according to folk…


monk in cambodia6. FEATURE DESTINATION: Eleven amazing reasons to visit Cambodia

There are countless reasons to visit Cambodia. These are a few of our favorite things to look out for when planning your trip.


em surasak in java indonesia7. Surasak Nuibut, Mountain Climber, Adventurer & Travel Photographer: Indonesia Up and Under. 

He lives the backpackers dream. Are you ready for an adventure like this? 


8. World Oceans Day Annual Report


9. ZOOFLAKES: Gift Book Promoting Animal Conservation & Awareness

The Masugas thoughtfully plan out each individual Zooflake, which depict animals such as the West Indian manatee, Bornean orangutan, toco toucan…


coral reef underwater in vanuatu10. Tourism and Conservation in Vanuatu

Each island is unique: Tanna has one of the most active and accessible volcano in the world, Pentecost has its land diving tradition, Aneytum has Mystery Island with cruise ships visiting this island paradise and Epi has dugong tours.


mountains in montanta11. Bridger Brewing has Pints with Purpose. 

People who live their lives with conservation in their heart often find that their journey evolves over time. Changes at work, new acquaintances and the ongoing



chorseshoe crab in delaware new jersey12. Horseshoe Crab and Shorebirds in Delaware Bay New Jersey. 

The Delaware Bay is known, in particular, for its concentrations of migratory Arctic shorebirds and its beaches where horseshoe crabs lay their eggs.


global marine community logo13. Connect with the Global Marine Community

In a nutshell, the Global Marine Community is a free interactive resource that gives you access to a weekly email detailing a round-up of events and opportunities in ocean conservation.


14. Interested in advertising, contributing an article, or becoming a donor? 

31 Issues, readership in 174 countries, over 15,000 subscribers, 20,000 monthly visitors…and growing.




Be sure to mention SEVENSEAS Media for special rates and discounts when making your inquiry. 

1. Oceanic Society Expeditions. 

See this “Senegal: African Manatee and Turtle Conservation” trip plus many others in the new 2017-2018 Expeditions Catalogue. 


2. Ever dream of swimming with humpback whales? Now you can

If you are interested in swimming with or photographing humpback whales Karim guides…


3. Isla Mar Research Expeditions – Field Courses in Puerto Rico

A field course coordination company in Puerto Rico that specializes in organizing and hosting island ecology (marine/terrestrial) themed courses.


4. Pangaea Ocean Sailing Expedition

Panex is opening up sailing expeditions for guest crew. This is an unique opportunity to go sailing, cross an ocean, and be a part of something bigger.


5. Loggerhead Marinelife Center. 

Imagine roaming some of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems. Gorgeous vistas, affordable travel and amazing memories; immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.


6. SEE Turtles. 

…protect endangered turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts through ecotourism, education, and Billion Baby Turtles. 


pete oxford, vacation, tours, ecotourism, sustainable travel, lion travel africa7. Pete Oxford Expeditions. 

We offer unique, small group expeditions for travelers and photographers to remote and pristine destinations and cultures around the world.