SEVENSEAS Magazine: December 2017 – Issue 32

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SEVENSEAS Magazine December Issue Cover


Head shot of Giacomo Abrusci, Sevenseas media executive Director1. Letter from the Editor: ‘Tis the season for gift giving.

Consider this an opportunity to help an organization and the environment.


holiday shopping for ocean conservation graphic2. Shop our store this season and support ocean conservation

We just opened up our first e-commerce site in time for the holidays! Best part is 100% of the proceeds to go SEVENSEAS Media. 


Confronting the Ocean on Shores of Fear3. Confronting the Ocean on Shores of Fear. 

The majesty of ocean swells and the lone surfer barreling down the forward-facing surface of a breaking wave at dangerously fast speeds. All we ever know of our unknown heroes are their incredible accomplishments, or their devastating defeats. Cedric Giscos and Lionel Franssen…


humpback whale by karim iliya4. Humpback Portrait for December by Karim Iliya

An playful adolescent whale repeatedly makes a sharp banking turn moments before collision with underwater photographer Karim Iliya, in a game of chicken. With their long fins, humpbacks are incredibly agile and spatially aware.


oyster farmers5. After Oysters in New England

Chris and Nat are part of a growing industry in New England: shellfish aquaculture. Specifically, they grow oysters. 


rice patty in bali6. FEATURE DESTINATION: Bali, a Photo Series.

When are you coming on vacation?


7. FEATURE DESTINATION: Bali getaway in 48 hours

The combination of sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, and the calm ethos of Balinese culture provide the anodyne getaway many seek. In a recent trip, I attempted to created a journey that touches on the highlights Bali has to offer in under 48 hours.


old woman in bali8. FEATURE DESTINATION: 10 Reasons to Book Your Bali Trip Now. 

From the food to the coral reef biodiversity Bali is a trip you should not put off. 


9. Surasak Nuibut, Mountain Climber, Adventurer & Travel Photographer: Spain

Em takes us through Barcelona, Monistrol, Girona, Tarragona, the stunning desert and rock formations of Tudela, Toledo, Granada, & Seville.


10. Green Fins and IYOR 2018

How the Green Fins network is mobilizing the diving and snorkelling community as part of the Third International Year of Reef on 2018


marbled grouper underwater11. Helping Our Glorious Ocean.

Our survival depends on our vast living ocean. As rampant overfishing, climate change, and degradation threaten its well-being, communities around the world are embracing ocean stewardship. 


global marine community logo12. Connect with the Global Marine Community

In a nutshell, the Global Marine Community is a free interactive resource that gives you access to a weekly email detailing a round-up of events and opportunities in ocean conservation.


13. World Heritage sites affected by climate change nearly doubles in three years.

The number of natural World Heritage sites threatened by climate change has grown from 35 to 62 in just three years…


manta ray in Revillagigedo Archipelago14. Mexicos largest Marine Protected Area: Revillagigedo, the Mexican Galapagos.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, signed a decree creating Mexico’s largest marine reserve to date, covering 150,000 square kilometres around the Revillagigedo Archipelago, a volcanic archipelago 240 miles southwest of the Baja Peninsula.


15. Interested in advertising, contributing an article, or becoming a donor? 

32 Issues, readership in 174 countries, over 15,000 subscribers, 20,000 monthly visitors…and growing.



baby sea turtle16. ‘Seas the Day’ at Beach Bash Palm Beach this December.

On Dec. 28 from 8 p.m. to midnight, over 700 philanthropic influencers will descend upon The Beach Club on Palm Beach for this must-attend party of the year. 





Be sure to mention SEVENSEAS Media for special rates and discounts when making your inquiry. 

1. Oceanic Society Expeditions. 

See this “Senegal: African Manatee and Turtle Conservation” trip plus many others in the new 2017-2018 Expeditions Catalogue. 


2. Bangkok Photo Tours. 

We visit traditional sights but focus on markets, street art, and local food. All camera forward and environmentally sensitive.


3. Ever dream of swimming with humpback whales? Now you can

If you are interested in swimming with or photographing humpback whales Karim guides…


4. Isla Mar Research Expeditions – Field Courses in Puerto Rico

A field course coordination company in Puerto Rico that specializes in organizing and hosting island ecology (marine/terrestrial) themed courses.


5. Pangaea Ocean Sailing Expedition

Panex is opening up sailing expeditions for guest crew. This is an unique opportunity to go sailing, cross an ocean, and be a part of something bigger.


6. Loggerhead Marinelife Center. 

Imagine roaming some of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems. Gorgeous vistas, affordable travel and amazing memories; immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.


7. SEE Turtles. 

…protect endangered turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts through ecotourism, education, and Billion Baby Turtles. 


pete oxford, vacation, tours, ecotourism, sustainable travel, lion travel africa8. Pete Oxford Expeditions. 

We offer unique, small group expeditions for travelers and photographers to remote and pristine destinations and cultures around the world. 


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