Sea creatures have surfaced all over BS5!

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Bristol-based wildlife conservation charity Wildscreen have placed their one-of-a-kind photography exhibition in a trail throughout BS5, which contains the work of some of the world’s best wildlife photographers and features some of its most interesting creatures.

Alexander Semenov - Lion's mane Jellyfish
Alexander Semenov – Lion’s mane Jellyfish

Featuring images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year award finalists and winners such as Tony Wu, Audun Rikardsen and Doug Gimesy, the exhibition has been a talking point of the BS5 community in recent weeks, attracting praise from residents and businesses alike. Local residents kindly donated their front gardens for free to host the exhibition stands after a public call-out from Wildscreen.

Christian Vizl - Green Turtle
Christian Vizl – Green Turtle

The staff of The Faraway Tree on Church Road said, “Thank you for brightening up BS5!”

Local resident and exhibition host Claire Shorrock said, “It’s so lovely hearing people walk past, stop and start discussing how amazing the ocean is and how we need to do something to save it. The exhibition is definitely making a big difference in our community.

Audun Rikardsen - Orca
Audun Rikardsen – Orca

The exhibition stands and prints are completely unique in that they are made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials, and lit by solar-powered lights that are charged throughout the day. The photographs are printed onto recycled fibreglass and printed using a low-carbon printer.

Doug Gimsey - Little Penguin
Doug Gimsey – Little Penguin

The trail map and guide are available now from the Wildscreen website and have a question and answer section that can be filled in on your way around, and a to-do list to make your life even more ocean-friendly! The exhibition will run until Thursday 26th of October and is a perfect activity for getting outside. The trail takes around two hours to walk around in total, or much less on a bike, and is completely free to partake in.

Christian Vizl - Lionfish
Christian Vizl – Lionfish

About Witness the Wild

The exhibition is part of Wildscreen’s free public festival, entitled Witness the Wild, which started on September 30th with a nine day programme of pop-up cinema screenings across the city. The theme of the entire festival is the ocean, highlighting issues such as plastic pollution, climate change, overfishing and illegal wildlife trade, and ways that we can all help prevent these from occurring.

Mark Williams - Grey Seal
Mark Williams – Grey Seal

Wildscreen’s mission is to convene the best photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals with the most committed conservationists to create compelling stories about the natural world; that inspire the wider public to experience it, feel part of it and protect it. Our photography exhibition has been curated with this in mind, with each caption telling the story of how amazing the species it is, why it is endangered and what we can do to save it.

Tomas Kotouc - Great White Shark
Tomas Kotouc – Great White Shark

For more information on the trail or press photos, please contact

Sam Hobson - Northern Gannet
Sam Hobson – Northern Gannet
Simone Sbaraglia - Sally Lightfoot Crab
Simone Sbaraglia – Sally Lightfoot Crab
Tomas Kotouc - Galapagos Marine Iguana
Tomas Kotouc – Galapagos Marine Iguana
Martin Dohrn - Dinoflagellates
Martin Dohrn – Dinoflagellates
Tony Wu – Pygmy Blue Whale

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