ZOOFLAKES: Gift Book Promoting Animal Conservation & Awareness

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ZOOFLAKES: Full-Color Gift Book Promoting Animal Conservation & Awareness Arrives in Stores October 17, 2017

“Incredible creativity and artistry! Once you peruse the beautiful snowflake images of Earth’s most fascinating creatures, go back and look again—the detail is stunning. But, more importantly, be inspired to save these animals and take action where you can!”
             – Julie Scardina, TV wildlife personality, animal behaviorist, author

The Cleveland, Ohio-based 1984 Publishing is releasing its third book, ZOOFLAKES. The 72-page, full-color, hardbound book features a series of intricate “Zooflakes”—a.k.a. detailed, snowflake-shaped designs using animals as their main decorative element—designed by Brian and Becky Masuga, co-creative partners of the Wadsworth, Ohio-based creative agency Peppermint Narwhal.

“I remember folding and cutting paper when I was a kid to make snowflakes that my mom would hang around the house in the winter,” says Becky Masuga. “Though those early ‘works of art’ didn’t contain any resemblance to animals, each one was uniquely beautiful, like the animal species we’ve represented in this book. I hope ZOOFLAKES inspire kids and adults alike to use their creativity and make positive change.”

The Masugas thoughtfully plan out each individual Zooflake, which depict animals such as the West Indian manatee, Bornean orangutan, toco toucan, southern flying squirrel, and red knee tarantula. “I begin with a lot of sketches, including close-ups of the animals and full body gestural renderings,” says Brian Masuga. “I then used trial and error with grouping these pieces in interesting relationships. After some experimenting, the final Zooflake reveals itself.”

As a result, no two Zooflakes are the same. However, while each carefully crafted, detailed design is meant to be appreciated aesthetically, these also spotlight endangered species in need of protection. Guided by the Peppermint Narwhal mission, “Conservation Through Creativity,” ZOOFLAKES is being used to promote animal awareness and appreciation, while motivating readers to become better stewards of the planet.

In keeping with this eco-conscious approach, $1 from the purchase of each book will be donated to Polar Bears International, in order to support the conservation of polar bears and the sea ice on which they depend for survival. ZOOFLAKES is also printed on paper that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization whose mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests.

“Aside from the whimsical and detailed artwork within ZOOFLAKES, we hope to provide a nice introduction to conservation statuses of animals, many of which really need our support,” the Masugas said in a joint statement. “We aim to inspire curiosity to learn more about these animals, which is truly the most important first step to protecting them for future generations to enjoy.”

“We are very excited about the release of ZOOFLAKES, and proud to finally share it with the public,” they add. “It has been a lot of work to bring ZOOFLAKES to print, but there has been no shortage of fun along the way.”

ZOOFLAKES, which retails for $18.95, will be available online via Amazon; signed deluxe copies will also be available at 1984Publishing.com. The book can also be found in local bookstores, and at museum, science center, and accredited zoo gift shops. For a complete list of places to purchase ZOOFLAKES, please visit 1984Publishing.com

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About Peppermint Narwhal Brian and Becky Masuga are the creative team behind Peppermint Narwhal. Guided by their mission, “Conservation Through Creativity,” they use their artistic talents to promote animal awareness and appreciation, while motivating viewers to become better stewards of the planet. Peppermint Narwhal’s creations blend design, illustration, educational messaging, humor, and whimsy to convey complex ideas in a playful, yet direct style. By keeping their messages positive, fun and highly visual, they increase their ability to connect and share their mission with the public. Brian and Becky live in Wadsworth, Ohio with their five dogs. They enjoy art, nature, visiting accredited zoos and aquariums, and traveling.

Visit Peppermint Narwhal’s website (PeppermintNarwhal.com), or follow Peppermint Narwhal on Facebook (peppermintnarwhalcreative), Twitter (@pepomintNarwhal) and Instagram (peppermintnarwhal).

About 1984 Publishing 1984 Publishing brings premium, hardbound, full-color art and gift books to coffee tables worldwide. Founder Matthew Chojnacki wrote three award-winning art books of his own, Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground (volumes I and II), plus the ’80s vinyl cover art book Put the Needle on the Record: The 1980s at 45 Revolutions per Minute. Chojnacki has more than 20 years of business experience, and recently helped produce several 2017 documentaries, including 24 x 36: A Movie about Movie Posters, Yoghurt Utopia (about a yoghurt factory in Spain ran by employees who are all affected by mental illness) , and the political music film Beyond Barricades. Without artists, art books wouldn’t exist. 1984 Publishing is proud to offer all authors profit sharing rather than the standard industry royalty structure.

Visit 1984 Publishing’s website (1984Publishing.com), and follow 1984 Publishing on Facebook (1984Publishing), Twitter (@1984Prods) and Instagram (1984Prods).

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