World Oceans Day Annual Report

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Thanks to your participation, and that of hundreds of organizations, schools, businesses, and governments, World Oceans Day reached new heights for global ocean awareness and involvement. With 1,000+ events in 100+ countries and a huge social media presence, this annual celebration of our shared ocean continues expanding in many exciting ways, creating more impact around the world! The theme for World Oceans Day 2017 was “Our Oceans, Our Future,” with a conservation action focus on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future.

World Oceans Day annual report cover

This year, The Ocean Project celebrated 15 years of serving and supporting the global community as a key collaborative coordinator for World Oceans Day.  The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council helped in significant ways, including helping to develop and amplify our message. The website,, continues to develop as a major central platform for providing free, innovative and inspirational resources for everyone – no matter where you live – to get involved in creating impact for a healthier ocean and a better future. The fast-growing World Oceans Day social media platforms flourished, stimulating an online ocean “buzz” around the month of June.

As we head toward 2018, youth involvement and leadership for World Oceans Day will play an increasingly important role. Youth around the world will help drive its evolution into an even more effective force for ocean conservation, education, and action on 8 June and year-round.

Learn more about World Oceans Day 2017 activities and celebrations in the 2017 Annual Report.


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