Travel Beats 1.3 – Barong Family &  Eddy Kenzo – Dance in the sun

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Last week, we brought you chill and cocktail party chic vibes. Now we bring you Caribbean and Central African beats that will get your soul moving and ready for the weekend, with vibrant songs from Eddy Kenzo and Cesqeaux & Menasa of Barong Family.  No matter where you are, close your eyes and you will immediately be transported to dance in the sun.

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Barong Family

Menasa & Cesqeaux album coverBarong Family members are Alvaro, Cesqeaux, Mightyfools, Kayzo, San Holo and Wiwek. They started as  Dutch DJ group, Yellow Claw, signed as a record label in May 2014. 
You might recognize these beats from coffee lounges and surf bars across Europe but this song is fit for any playlist when you are ready to move in the sun.

 Eddy Kenzo 

Eddy Kenzo album coverEddy Kenzo, is a Ugandan artist best known for his 2014 song “Sitya Loss.” After living on the streets for almost 13 years, he is now one of the most acclaimed artists in Uganda. 
Kadondo Style video features the brilliant dance group from Uganda Triplets Ghetto Kids; probably the most talented and inspiring group of kids you’ll see all week. If you haven’t seen the video, stop whatever you are doing and watch it. Dance, and repeat. You can thank us later. 

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The best parts of being on the road all the time are 1. The people you meet. 2. The food you eat. 3. The music you discover that rocks your soul. Now it’s time for us to share these beats with you. Visit our full Spotify Playlist or come back here every week for two new songs we add to our collection. If you would like to receive a weekly email with our two new song message and ask to join the Beats List

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