10 Reasons to Book Your Bali Trip Now

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1. The incredible diving.

Indonesia has some of the most incredible dive sites on earth and so many are just minutes off the coast of Bali. 


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2. The food. 

Your lunch plate is probably one of the last things you think about when Bali is the subject of conversation but you’ll find some of the freshest most delicious meals when you come. From street food to lux celebrity chefs, you will realize those calories are worth it. 


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3. Meet some seriously fierce people.

Some of the nicest people you will ever encounter. On the beach, in markets, or on the street, striking up a conversation with a complete stranger is not one care-free but lends a perspective that will rock your entire trip. 

4. Chill at the heels of an active volcano. 

Mount Agung is an active volcano that at a safe distance, will win you any photography award. 

5. The surfing.

This is what made Bali famous in the first place. If you don’t know how, surfing lessons are super cheap and available everywhere. A MUST DO. 

6. Hiking to destinations from your dreams. 

Thousands of trails and countless corners for you to discover. Make sure hiking boots are on your packing list. 


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7. Shopping like no place else. 

Open markets, artisan creations, and your best retail is all at a finger’s reach. Be sure to explore and get your holiday shopping done way in advance. 

8. Hotels and resorts out of fairy tales. 

The creativity and diversity of lodging in Bali is truly mind boggling. Find luxury, eco-lodges, run-of-the-mill, or corporate. It is ALL here. 


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9. Get an honorary PhD in architecture and history.

Even if you never bothered to Wikipedia the history of Bali, you will learn a semesters worth of culture you will obsess over for years.

10. Finally a “choose your own adventure” to make your dreams come true.

Write your own story, burn your guidebook, take the road less traveled. THIS is the place to get lost. 


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