Silent Killers – Underwater Dance by Christine Ren

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What if I told you that a single abandoned fishing net could last for up to 400 years in the ocean… killing and tangling marine life, and coral reefs? Fishing vessels abandoning or losing their nets, lines and other gear in the ocean causes major problems for marine life and ocean ecosystems. This derelict gear continues to fish for centuries in the sea.

They call them ghost nets, but I call them… silent killers.

As consumers, we have the ability to ensure the incentive for economic solutions related to ghost nets. Because here’s what works really well for this issue: net buyback programs. There are companies hard at work training and paying fisherman to reclaim lost gear, and then regenerating the nylon waste from ghost nets into new materials to create products – everything from swimwear to skateboards.

For this series, I’m asking you to commit to a 30 day challenge to use hashtag #SilentKillers, and spread the word through social media about businesses and initiatives that are helping to turn reclaimed ghost nets into sustainable products. Because together, we can champion ocean heroes. And become them ourselves.

“After pirouetting my way from science, and dance, to a Master’s in Ocean Policy and Advocacy, there’s a truth I’ve uncovered in my journey… that there exists a singularly unique way for each of us to affect change with our own individualized talents and skills.” Christine Ren

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Art direction: Christine Ren, Christine Ren Films (
Photography: Jose G. Cano, Jose G. Cano Photography (
Underwater models: Christine Ren, Emma Porteous, Moana Mink
MUA/ hair: Kungy Gay Cano
Studio manager: Emma Porteous
Assistants: Caroline Trembath, Brad Watt

With a Master’s in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), Christine is a documentary filmmaker and underwater performer with a dedication to advancing social and environmental causes and a penchant for writing.  

With her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, advanced open-water scuba certification, experience running an ecommerce business and more than 20 years as a dancer, she’ll be the first to admit that her skillsets and work history are an eclectic mix.

It is precisely this diverse background, however, that has equipped her to revolutionize the way we connect and empower for social change through cutting-edge media techniques.
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Silent Killers from Christine Ren on Vimeo.