SEVENSEAS Magazine: January 2018 – Issue 33

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january 2018 Sevenseas media magazine cover

 Cover art by Pete Oxford

Head shot of Giacomo Abrusci, Sevenseas media executive Director1. Letter from the Editor: Plans for 2018? Be a good human being.

Just be smart, be a good human, plan on one project, and do it well.


sevenseas media store advertisement2. Shop our store this season and support ocean conservation

We just opened up our first e-commerce site in time for the holidays! Best part is 100% of the proceeds to go SEVENSEAS Media. 


Three kayakers paddle down glacier lake meltwater3. Glacier Adventuring with Compass Heli Tours

They are offering varied glacier adventures to individuals who want to see what lies in the backcountry of British Columbia.


dolphin underwater4. Dolphin Portrait for January by Karim Iliya.

A Hawaiian spinner dolphin passes with a leaf on it’s fin. These spinner dolphins drop the leaf in front of another dolphins who will catch it on their fin and pass on. Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and will often pass the leaf to freedivers if they are in the area. 


sting ray in galapagos5. FEATURE DESTINATION: The most amazing nature photography you will see from Galapagos in 2018. 

Time to start planning your trip.


Sea lion, Isabella Island.6. FEATURE DESTINATION: Galapagos: A DIY Guide for Families

Layers of iridescent blue mix with rays of sun, shifting sand and emerald mangroves. One early morning, hours before the tours from boats anchored offshore would arrive…


 7. FEATURE DESTINATION: Galapagos Time Warp.

Twenty-two years ago, I was a bright-eyed, idealistic university student learning Spanish and biology in Ecuador…


people jumping in maui by Maui Jeff Beige8. A “SWIM” of a Lifetime: Travel the world, help sea turtles with Loggerhead Marinelife Center 

We all love an amazing trip to an unforgettable destination. But how about a trip to an unforgettable destination that makes a world of difference?


surasak nebuit headshot9. Surasak Nuibut, Mountain Climber, Adventurer & Travel Photographer: Germany and Czech Republic

This month Em takes a break from the heat in Thailand and through a winter holiday in Germany and the Czech Republic. Are you ready for an trip like this?


shark swimming in a marine protected area10. Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas: Guidelines for Design and Management

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and Big Ocean are proud to announce the latest addition in the IUCN WCPA Best Practice Protected Areas Guidelines Series


mangroves11. How mangroves got their roots back in East Java. 

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and Big Ocean are proud to announce the latest addition in the IUCN WCPA Best Practice Protected Areas Guidelines Series.


global marine community logo12. Connect with the Global Marine Community

In a nutshell, the Global Marine Community is a free interactive resource that gives you access to a weekly email detailing a round-up of events and opportunities in ocean conservation.


underwater volcano13. Underwater Fire – Exploring Submarine Volcanoes.

Schmidt​ ​Ocean​ ​Institute’s​ ​research​ ​vessel​ ​Falkor​ ​recently​ ​completed​ ​a​ ​41-day​ ​expedition​ ​near​ ​Tonga,​ ​using cutting-edge​ ​technology​ ​to​ ​map,​ ​view,​ ​and​ ​sample​ ​underwater​ ​volcanoes​…


14. Interested in advertising, contributing an article, or becoming a donor? 

32 Issues, readership in 174 countries, over 15,000 subscribers, 20,000 monthly visitors…and growing.




Be sure to mention SEVENSEAS Media for special rates and discounts when making your inquiry. 

1. Oceanic Society Expeditions. 

See this “Senegal: African Manatee and Turtle Conservation” trip plus many others in the new 2017-2018 Expeditions Catalogue. 


2. Bangkok Photo Tours. 

We visit traditional sights but focus on markets, street art, and local food. All camera forward and environmentally sensitive.


3. Ever dream of swimming with humpback whales? Now you can

If you are interested in swimming with or photographing humpback whales Karim guides…


4. Isla Mar Research Expeditions – Field Courses in Puerto Rico

A field course coordination company in Puerto Rico that specializes in organizing and hosting island ecology (marine/terrestrial) themed courses.


5. Pangaea Ocean Sailing Expedition

Panex is opening up sailing expeditions for guest crew. This is an unique opportunity to go sailing, cross an ocean, and be a part of something bigger.


6. Loggerhead Marinelife Center. 

Imagine roaming some of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems. Gorgeous vistas, affordable travel and amazing memories; immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.


7. SEE Turtles. 

…protect endangered turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts through ecotourism, education, and Billion Baby Turtles. 


pete oxford, vacation, tours, ecotourism, sustainable travel, lion travel africa8. Pete Oxford Expeditions. 

We offer unique, small group expeditions for travelers and photographers to remote and pristine destinations and cultures around the world. 


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