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Since 2008, Mission Blue expeditions have visited Hope Spots around the world, documenting these vibrant marine environments and engaging local stakeholders to protect them. A key piece of our strategy is to produce compelling and educational documentaries that build public knowledge of environmental issues and ignite global support for better policy. In March of 2017, we joined MarViva on an expedition to the Costa Rica Thermal Dome Hope Spot, an open-ocean phenomenon that forms every spring between 150 and 300 miles off the western coast of Costa Rica. One of the world’s highest concentrations of phytoplankton and primary productivity rates occurs in the Dome, making the area a preferred habitat for endangered, emblematic species like the blue whale and leatherback turtle. In addition to acting as a significant carbon sink, the Dome serves as a breeding ground, feeding place and migratory corridor for sharks, multiple cetaceans, sea turtles, large pelagic fish, marine predators, and seabirds.

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