Issue 26 – June 2017

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Cover art by Cristina Mittermeier 

1. Letter from the Editor – June 2017. June is always a big month for me. Summer is out, vacations, beach weekends, and cook-outs are marked on the calendar. Pride occupies at least…


2. If you value SEVENSEAS Media as a resource and as the free PR arm for everyone in marine conservation and sustainable tourism, we need your support! Learn more about how to get involved and ensure we remain a valuable resource…


3. Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2017. Convened by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation every June, CHOW brings together more than 600 national and global policymakers…




5. Ever dream of swimming with humpback whales? Now you can. If you are interested in swimming with or photographing humpback whales Karim guides people in small trips in Tonga every year between August and October.


6. Artist Turns Unused Dried Palette Paint into Classy Sculptures. This saves paint waste, land fill pile up, and prevents clogged drain pipes from not washing paint down the drain.


7. JUNE FEATURE DESTINATION – Honduras Photo Series by Cristina Mittermeier


8. JUNE FEATURE DESTINATION – 14 Reasons to Visit Honduras




9. JUNE FEATURE DESTINATION – About and around Honduras


10. ART, SCIENCE AND A JOURNEY TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. Interview with Cristina Mittermeier. 


11. About Sea Legacy. SeaLegacy creates powerful media to change the narrative around our world’s oceans.


12. Surasak Nuibut: Mountain Climber, Adventurer & Travel Photographer. This month we visit the outcast Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, United Kingdom.


13. Under the Waves with Karim Iliya: June 2017Icebergs crowd together off the coast of Eastern Greenland.


14. World Oceans Day – June 8, 2017.  Help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8 and year-round.


15. IUCN expedition to explore life on undersea mountains. The three-week-long expedition aboard the French Polar Institute’s research vessel Marion Dufresne will explore the fauna…


16. Polynesian Voyaging Society – Hōkūle’a Returns Home. The day breaks over Hōkūleʻa with Kualoa behind her. It has been said that the early settlers of Polynesia arrived from the west…


17. #StandUpForSargasso. The Sargasso Sea is known as the ‘Golden Floating Rainforest of the Ocean’. It is located within the North Atlantic sub-tropical gyre…


18. International Migratory Bird Day: Save a chain of protected areas along the flyways of migratory birds! Human activity can have a negative impact on birds’ migration, while humankind relies on birds as they deliver environmental services that are invaluable


19. An unforgettable “SWIM.” Travel the world, help sea turtles with Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Imagine roaming some of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems. Gorgeous vistas, affordable travel and amazing memories; immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.


20. Too Rare To Wear Survey Finds Turtleshell In More Than 30% of Shops, Suggests Tourists Can Help Save Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles by Purchasing Souvenirs Wisely


21. Connect with the Global Marine Community. In a nutshell, the Global Marine Community is a free interactive resource that gives you access to a weekly email detailing a round-up of events and opportunities in ocean conservation.


22. Robyn Hartzell Ocean and Travel Photographer. Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam.


23. Habits for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet: Fiber. Dietary Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes; however, fiber is not found in fruit or vegetable juices nor is it found in meat…


23. Pearl, the one and only gem created by a living organism. Natural or cultured, are formed when a mollusk produces layers of nacre around some type of irritant implanted in the shell.


24. Loggerhead Marinelife Center and Surfrider Foundation seek ocean-friendly restaurants. In response to the increase of plastic pollution in coastal zones and ocean gyres, Surfrider Foundation’s Palm Beach County…


25. Pangaea Ocean Sailing ExpeditionPanex is opening up sailing expeditions for guest crew. This is an unique opportunity to go sailing, cross an ocean, and be a part of something bigger.


26. SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017. Throughout its existence, SeaKeepers has made it a practice to honor and promote those key decision makers and influencers who have made extraordinary commitments…


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28. SEVENSEAS junior – June 2017. The Sad Never Before, The Happy Ever After.