Incredible Facts About Our Oceans (Video)

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With World Oceans Day now upon us, this seems like the perfect time to present to you a video on incredible ocean facts, courtesy of The Water Filter Men (

Oceans take up almost 70% of our planet, and yet the human race has barely begun to explore the true extent of ocean life. The world’s oceans house an abundance of fascinating marine life and make for extraordinary views when the sun’s reflection rests against the surface of the water.

Beneath this gleaming exterior, though, is a heavily polluted interior which absorbs more than six billon kilograms of waste every year. Most of this waste is discarded plastic, with environmentalists predicting that in a generation’s time, the weight of this plastic will exceed that of all ocean fish combined.

It isn’t just waste that presents a concern for the future, either. Global warming has seen a rise in ocean levels worldwide and we should not dismiss the possibility of the world’s ice caps melting. It isn’t likely to happen any time soon, but if it does come to pass, entire countries could become permanently submerged.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below containing important information about the oceans of the Earth.