Free Your Kitchen of Plastic

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Kaylee White

When you think about plastic, what comes to mind? You probably think convenience. Or perhaps you think durability and flexibility.

None of those monikers would be wrong, of course. But there’s something that’s missing from those descriptors, and that is the ability of plastic to do real harm.

Turns out plastic is durable—but it isn’t permanent. Plastic degrades, and as it does it leaches out some of the materials used in its creation. And those materials may have a harmful effect on human health, from our brains to our behaviors and our reproductive systems.

Eliminating plastic may be impossible. Reducing plastic? That’s not quite so hard. To start with, pick one thing you use—say, cutting boards—and replace them with non-plastic alternatives. Then move on to the next thing, and focus your efforts on the easiest place to make changes: the kitchen.

Want more ideas? Check out this graphic.