Egypt Underwater – a photo series

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The wonders of Egypt on land are truly spectacular while the region has been the center of tourism and curiosity since quite near the beginning of recorded history. But that’s not all. Move past the monuments, modern art scene, and delicious food and you will find much more in the natural world. Once you get below the waves you are in store for an eruption of color and biodiversity sure to impress the most seasoned divers.

Skim through the photos below for a great series from the Land of the Pharaohs.

A glimpse of ruins from ancient Egypt

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The living art beneath the Egyptian waves at the Red Sea

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Diver and photographer Chad Cipiti

Chad Cipiti is a photographer, activist, diver, and nature lover based out of Washington DC. His has chronicled some extraordinary travels above and below the water and has published a number of times with SEVENSEAS Media. To see more of Chad’s photography you can visit him here. To learn more about where he goes diving visit

chat cipiti standing in front of a pyramid

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