FEATURE DESTINATION: Denmark, a Photo Series

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houses in denmark

Carlo Villarica. Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s hard not to miss a man poking his head out of a window. It’s doubly hard not to miss him as he brushes his teeth. I suppose it is better than staring at the mirror. I wish I had a bathroom with a view.

green field in denmark

Adam Ullstrom. Denmark.

aquarium in copenhagen

Sandro Katalina. National Aquarium Denmark, Kastrup, Denmark.

horse in denmark

Josephine Amalie Paysen. Aabenraa, Denmark 

islands in denmark

Jake Hinds. Faroe Islands. Hiking along a river for 2 hours to reach an empty black sand beach with mountains on either side. Felt pretty surreal.

house in denmark

Pierre Châtel-Innocenti. Denmark.  

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