University Student Ocean Ambassador Program

SEVENSEAS Media is now recruiting graduate and undergraduate students to become Ocean Ambassadors at their college or university.

Students chosen to be ocean ambassadors will be volunteers. There will be one ambassador per university. Each month, ambassadors will be responsible for hosting an ocean-themed event on campus, such as a documentary screening or a sustainable seafood potluck. The goal of these events is to spread the word about ocean conservation and travel around college campuses. Additionally, ambassadors should plan to discuss the content of SEVENSEAS Media with their peers each month. This can be in tandem with the monthly events or could be a separate engagement.

Ambassadors are to encourage students to subscribe to SEVENSEAS Media for free and to follow us on social media. We are only as strong as our networks!

How to Apply: Send resume and completed application form to ​

Ambassadors will serve for the entire Fall 2017 semester, with the potential to continue the program for the Spring 2018 semester if they are still in school. Direct questions to:

Download the application file here: Application