Senior Analyst: ESA Consult Biologist

Ocean Associates Inc.

Ocean Associates, Inc. (OAI) is seeking   Senior Analyst to provide support to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Protected Resources (OPR) in Silver Spring MD.  OAI supplies personnel support services on contract to government and industry clients for marine fisheries and protected species.   The position will support OPR staff biologists in conducting consultations under section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and in drafting sections of biological opinions on such actions. The position will assist with specific tasks including collection of scientific information for development of the description of the action, environmental baseline, status of affected species, cumulative effects, and exposure and responses analyses. The position will work with ESA Interagency Cooperation Division staff, Federal action agencies, NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, and NOAA General Council to obtain information necessary for consultations. Specific activities may include reviewing biological assessments or biological evaluations, research permit applications and draft permits to determine potential exposure and effects of Federal actions to listed species and designated critical habitats.

Duties will include:

Compile, review, and summarize scientific studies from multiple sources.
Assist action agency’s development of biological assessments for consultations.
Gather information and assist with the writing of biological opinions including species and designated critical habitat risk assessments, species status and environmental baseline, species and designated critical habitat integration and synthesis.
Assist with components of risk assessments with threatened and endangered species and their designated critical habitat potentially exposed to stressors created by Federal actions.
Assist in the development of presentations and briefing materials.
Maintain consultation records including taking meeting minutes and compiling an administrative record to ensure biological opinions are legally defensible under the Administrative Procedures Act.
Selected individual(s) must have the following minimum qualifications:

Minimum experience or background includes a Bachelor of Science degree, and documented evidence of education and/or experience in environmental / biological science with specific emphasis in ecological risk assessment. Knowledge of, or a background in, implementation of section 7 of the ESA is desired.

Only qualified applicants that meet minimum experience or background requirements stated above need apply.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, you MUST APPLY THROUGH OUR WEBSITE ONLY. Go to OCEANASSOC.COM, click on Now Hiring, find the position you wish to apply for, click the ‘For More Information’ link for that position, follow instructions on the page to apply. (no emails)
When applying for this position you will be asked to upload your resume at the end of the online application.
Include your name in the document file name.
Sending your resume in readable (not scanned) PDF or Word format is preferred.


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